Four follow-up examinations for a successful healing process.
Lasik Germany arranges four follow-up appointments with their patients at no additional cost. Your first follow-up visit is scheduled for the day after surgery. The second follow-up visit is one week after the procedure. The last two checks are four weeks and three months after the procedure. 

The healing process

Follow-up visits are scheduled to ensure your eyes are healing properly, in particular the corneal flap.
At the final examination, three months after surgery, we check if the treatment objective has been achieved, i.e. Your vision is the way you've always wanted: Sharp and crystal-clear - without glasses or contact lenses.

A life without glasses or contact lenses
A long-held dream come true: A life without glasses or contact lenses. It feels like a miracle: To have sharp and clear vision again after eye surgery – an incredible experience that you will never forget.

The weeks after your laser eye treatment
Do you still reach for your glasses when getting up in the morning? Or try to take them off, when you get into the shower? This is quite common during the first few weeks after your LASIK procedure. Your brain may still take some time to internalize it, but it is a fact: you no longer need any visual aids. Isn’t this great?

Fluctuating vision - your brain needs time.
How many years did your brain cope with your poor eyesight? Ten years? Twenty? And suddenly, your brain has to deal with your improved eyesight. Quite a challenge. Be patient with yourself, give yourself time. Her brain must slowly get used to the fact that your vision is now sharp and clear. This may take some time – there will be days when you may think can you see much better, on other days you may believe it to be worse. This is perfectly normal. At the end of the recovery period you will finally experience the desired result. And like so many satisfied patients before you, you can now see the way you always wanted to see: sharp and crystal clear.


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Besser geht's nicht: DEUTSCHLAND TEST bestimmt jährlich Deutschlands beliebteste Marken – und Lasik Germany erreicht unübertroffene 100 Punkte.
It does not get any better: GERMANY TEST determines Germany 's most popular brands every year and Lasik Germany achieves unrivaled 100 points.
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