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In rare cases, defective vision is not immediately completely corrected, as every eye heals individually. Follow-up treatment will then generally achieve the desired result.

From the age of 40 to 50 years most people need reading glasses - due to age-related changes in the eye, or presbyopia - even after the LASIK operation. Treatment of presbyopia using the Excimer laser is not possible.

After some time in a few cases, a slight regression in the defective vision can occur.

With short-sightedness of up to -5 diopter, and with far-sightedness; glare, the perception of halos and double vision can occur at night when the pupils are enlarged. During the day and with light, these problems do not arise. Therefore the optical zone (the region that is lasered) should always be larger than the size of the pupils when enlarged.

Dry eyes can cause problems after the operation. A tear substitute will provide relief. After a few weeks this phenomenon often disappears.

In very rare cases, undesired growth of epithelial cells beneath the corneal flap, or a decentralization of the treatment zone can occur. In these cases, follow-up treatment would be carried out.

Onlien eye exam

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Onlien eye exam

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Sharp vision. Sharp calculation.

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