Online Eye Exam

Visual defects

In our eye exam, we will examine your visual acuity over short distances. Of course the exam does not replace a professional eye exam in our clinics. However, it does give you a first impression of how well you see close-up.

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Age-related long-sightedness

So-called age-related long-sightedness, also known as presbyopia, affects almost every person at some point in his or her lifetime. Even if the extent can vary individually, it is always the same underlying cause. 

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The cornea or lens of the eye in its ideal state has a regular curve. A slight curve is considered normal. In most cases, however, the irregularity is so slight that you do not notice it when you are seeing.

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Retinal function

The Amsler Grid Eye Test serves to examine the retina. It is used to detect the early signs of macular degeneration. This test allows for changes in eyesight to be determined and treated in time.

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