LASIK costs at a glance

Standard-LASIK from € 895,- per eye Standard-LASIK from € 895,- per eye

Keratom-LASIK-treatment up to - 5 dpt and up to + 3 dpt
€ 1,250,- per eye / from -5 dpt to +4 dpt. including all preliminary and follow-up examinations.

More about Standard-LASIK

Femto-LASIK from € 1,250 per eye Femto-LASIK from € 1,250 per eye

Femto-LASIK treatment from -5 up to +3 dpt
€ 1,450,- per eye / from -5 dpt to +4 dpt. including all preliminary and follow-up examinations.


SUPRACOR-LASIK from € 2,150 per eye SUPRACOR-LASIK from € 2,150 per eye

Complementary SUPRACOR eye treatment for age-related visual impairment, including all advance and follow-up examinations for both eyes. SUPRACOR can be combined with Femto-LASIK (treatment for both eyes).


Reduced costs of eye laser surgery at LASIK Germany

Analysing the cost/benefit ratio for laser eye surgery, it quickly becomes clear that despite patients having to pay a higher excess, the benefit of laser eye surgery outweighs the cost for the surgery.

LASIK cost - a much discussed topic

The cost-saving measures of health insurance companies affect virtually all medical services. Laser eye surgery is also affected, as this is usually not paid for by the health insurers. But on comparing the cost/benefit ratio, it becomes clear that LASIK eye surgery is a good investment; the correction of shortsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism in particular pays off quickly. 

Each year thousands of patients who suffer from defective vision are successfully treated with high-tech laser surgery at the lasik germany® centres across Germany. After a short and almost pain-free procedure they can look forward to a life without glasses or contact lenses.

Why LASIK costs more than conventional eye surgery

The LASIK method uses costly laser technology, which makes it more expensive than conventional methods and only laser surgery centres like those of lasik germany® use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and can demonstrate remarkably high success rates.
The LASIK method is the most widely used treatment for the correction of vision defects, particularly shortsightedness and farsightedness. The extremely high treatment success, the short operating time and the quick, pain-free recovery of patients are good reasons for laser eye surgery, which is fast becoming a treatment of choice for people with vision defects.

Stop spending money on glasses and contact lenses

After successful laser eye treatment, expensive glasses and contact lenses become a thing of the past. This not only improves your quality of life but in the long run also the health of your wallet.

Pay for your laser eye surgery in easy instalments

lasik germany® offers laser eye surgery at very competitive prices. We not only keep the cost for LASIK eye surgery within affordable limits, we also offer a range of financing options.

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Besser geht's nicht: DEUTSCHLAND TEST bestimmt jährlich Deutschlands beliebteste Marken – und Lasik Germany erreicht unübertroffene 100 Punkte.
It does not get any better: GERMANY TEST determines Germany 's most popular brands every year and Lasik Germany achieves unrivaled 100 points.
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