Minimising the risks of laser eye surgery

Each individual and each eye is different. In rare cases not every visual impairment can be entirely corrected immediately, because each eye heals individually. With a follow-up treatment, though, the desired level of success can generally be achieved. If you are affected by a visual impairment and wish to find out more about LASIK, Femto-LASIK and ReLEx Smile, we warmly invite you to visit one of our lasik germany® centres. Here, experienced eye surgeons will explain to you how laser eye surgery can involve risks, but these should not alarm you. You can find out about the risks of LASIK on our website, at an information evening and/or in a personal consultation, of course. We place great emphasis on trust and transparency! You should therefore know that amongst other things, dry eyes can be the reason why a desired level of success may not be achieved immediately after the eye operation. However, our experienced surgeons are always able to help you with this and other problems following a procedure in order to reach the treatment goal as quickly as possible.

LASIK surgery and the risks: what you need to know

From the age of between 40 and 50 most people will need to use reading glasses even after the LASIK procedure due to age-related sight degeneration. It is not possible to treat this age-related “presbyopia” with excimer lasers in the way normal visual impairments can be treated. After some time, in just a few cases, it can lead to a slight regression of the impairment, but with short-sightedness over -5 dioptres and with long-sightedness it can lead to dazzling and perception of halos and double contours at night when pupils are dilated. These problems don’t arise during the day and in the light. Therefore the optic zone (the area to be lasered) has to be bigger and bigger as the pupils can dilate. Certain LASIK risks are possible, but you will be given detailed information by one of our experienced consultants in advance. Even where a procedure or laser eye operation involves risks, you can be safe in the knowledge that we know exactly what to do in your individual case.

In addition, we would also like to point out to you that dry eyes following the procedure can result in problems. Eye drops can help here. This phenomenon generally resolves itself after just a few weeks. In addition, in very rare cases undesirable ingrowth of epithelium cells can occur under the corneal flap or there can be a decentralisation of the treatment zone. But you don’t need to worry, because we can carry out appropriate follow-up treatments in such cases.

A wealth of information material

If you wish to undergo treatment for your visual impairment and would like more information, you can find various information films on our website, which cover short- and long-sightedness as well as astigmatism, amongst other things. We can also clarify any potential LASIK risks at one of our centres. Why not come to one of the information evenings at the lasik germany® centres in Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover, Munich, Oberhausen, Frankfurt or Stuttgart, or arrange an appointment for a personal consultation including thorough examination. Don’t hesitate to call our free-of-charge hotline (0800 / 599 599 9) and get all the advice you need. So that you can understand exactly how we minimise all possible risks of laser eye surgery, you can also participate in a personal video consultation. 

You may still have concerns and be asking yourself the following questions:

Is it possible to sustain lasting damage from a LASIK treatment?
Can complications occur with a refractive treatment?
What happens if the treatment process doesn’t go according to plan?

In any case, we recommend that you arrange a personal consultation with our experienced eye surgeons. We want to address any fears you may have before a treatment like this and to show you exactly what we will do in your individual case.

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